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Head Varsity Coach:

Matt Harrod:


Photos courtesy of CSK Photography  @cskphoto

Celebrating our Seniors:

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Jonathan Miller

Jonathan was a stalwart for us in both the off-season and regular season.  He earned a Blackshirt this past off-season for 0 missed workouts and was always one of the first to arrive at the field and the last to leave. Jonathan finished his senior year with a 3.16 GPA. Jonathan has been a 3-year varsity starter, as a Pitcher, first base and in our lineup. For the last three years he has led our team in innings pitched, strikeouts and wins. He was our NCS starter vs Casa Grande two years ago as a Sophomore. Jonathan has improved at the plate in every facet in his high school career and has seen increases in his batting average, runs and RBI’s. As one of our leaders on the team, Jonathan’s calm demeanor and nose to the grind-stonework ethic, helped him set the tone for all that we did in practice and games. Jonathan was also a returning all-league selection from his 10th and 11th grade years. He was on his way to another all-league finish. Johnathan will be attending LMC in the Fall and will play Baseball for the Mustangs.


Josh Fine

Josh has excelled in the classroom during his time at CHS with a cumulative GPA of 3.25.  He was off to an outstanding start this season and he led our team in most of our offensive statistics.  His versatility also served our team well on defense as he was able to play every position on the infield when called upon.  Josh will be attending DVC in the Fall.

Kyle Biven

Kyle has been outstanding in the classroom and on the field. His 3.83 GPA was the second highest on the varsity team and he also earned a black and goldshirt during his time with CHS Baseball. Kyle was a 2-year varsity starter in the outfield. During his time in our program, Kyle has played almost every position on the field, from Catcher to Pitcher, in-field, and out-field. Kyle was a player who led by example. Although quiet, he was one of the hardest workers by far, and was always ready, willing, and able to do what was asked of him. Kyle was having his best year yet offensively and defensively. Kyle will be attending DVC in the Fall.

Andy Gonzalez

Andy has worked hard this year academically and we are proud of his classroom work.  He finished the year with a 3.16 GPA. Andy was our starting right fielder this year and with his quiet demeanor and strong work ethic he had endeared himself to his teammates and coaches. Andy will be attending DVC in the Fall.

Ryan Murphy

Ryan decided to combine his senior project and our team camaraderie this year by taking the initiative to engage our team in bonding activities. One of these activities was his creation of a “mini-ball” for each varsity player and coach. He finished his season with an amazing 4.6 GPA and ranks 11th in his senior class. Kyle has been a starter on varsity for the past three years. During his 10th and 11th grade seasons he was recognized as an all-league player and was well on his way for the same recognition this season. He was our starting short stop and led the infield in fielding percentage with zero errors. Ryan brings a passion for baseball to our team that helped the whole team grow closer. His ability to be a top of the lineup guy for us really helped set the table for the success we had on the offensive side. We will miss Ryan’s dedication, leadership, and ability to bring our team together. Ryan will be attending Sonoma State or The University of Oregon in the Fall and plans to play Baseball in college.

Carlos Ochoa-Silvas

Carlos was the first player to earn three Blackshirts for our off-season program.  This means that for three straight years, Carlos did not miss a single off-season workout. He earned the most Blackshirts in our program’s history.  Carlos was one of the most committed players we have ever had the to don a CHS Baseball uniform.  His infectious attitude and work ethic were felt by all and he was one of the most respected members of our team.  He started at second base for us this year and had over a .950 fielding percentage on the year, making some outstanding plays in the process. Carlos will be attending Humboldt State University in the Fall.

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