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Head Coach:

Michael McMahon


Photos courtesy of CSK Photography @cskphoto

William Guzman.jpg

William Guzman

William Guzman was the team captain, since his first year on the team. He was a leader and a friend to all. He never discouraged his teammates, but instead gave them the chance to smile and laugh. William was the type of player other looked up to for his work ethic, sense of humor, and friendliness. He never contributed anything negative and always sought to see things for their positiveness.  Never giving up he provided the team with intense matches and helped secure critical win. He was number 2 in singles, but would often challenge the number 1 player and be himself challenged by the number 3 player.  They all had a truly competitive time facing each other and improving as a team.  When he was not playing a match, he would help newer players with their forehands and strategies. 

Celebrating our Seniors 2020:

Giovanni Gomez

Giovanni Gomez started playing Tennis his Sophomore year with no experience. His lack of experience did not stop his soon-to-be born passion for the sport. Giovanni and his teammates were extremely competitive and as a result his ranking would often change from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. This made Giovanni always want to compete for the number 1 spot on the team. When he was not competing, he was putting big smiles on the whole team with his silliness and humor. He always kept a strong belief and encouraged newer players to keep trying to better themselves, so that the overall team skills would be elevated. Giovanni made it to the second round in his only Tennis tournament this season. Luckily, this ignited his desire to become more skilled and improve his fundamental strokes, however the season ended early.

Giovanni Gomez.jpg

Brian Ferrari

Brian Ferrari competed as a varsity athlete for Concord’s tennis team for three years. He was able to compete in all the tennis matches. He was very comfortable playing in a singles match or doubles but would prefer to play singles. He has been only playing tennis for a few years and has seemed to very much like it. Brian has been improving his serves and has also learned how to put spin on the ball. Brian was a fierce competitor, known for his powerful forehands that left opponents standing still. Brian had a lot of success outpacing his opponents with his dominant forehands that kept the opponent on the edge at all times. There was never a time where his opponents could drop their guard when facing Brian.

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